Hydrogen and Hydrogen economy

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Hydrogen and Hydrogen economy
« on: November 26, 2006, 11:16:59 AM »
Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe.
It's chemical reference is the lettre: H
Hydrogen atoms bond easily to form a Hydrogen molecule (H2)
It can fuse (at high temperature) with other hydrogen atoms to form helium and pure energy.
It can also react with Oxygen, to produce pure water and heat/electricity.

Hydrogen is also the main energy source in fossile fules.
Take for example household Gas (Methane), it consist out of 1 carbon atom, surrounded by 4 hydrogen atoms. (CH4)

So the most pure energydensity can be found in Hydrogen Molecules (H2)

It is believed that hydrogen will solve our energyproblems. But Hydrogen must be made out of other fuels. The aim is to produce hydrogen from sustainable energysources like wind, water, sun, earthheat, tidal energy.

Hydrogen is so small that it easily leaks out of the containers trying to hold it.
That doesn't mean you can't store hydrogen, but the efficiency will go down.
The leaking is only a few procents per year.
On the other hand, the energy-density is 30 times higher as something like methane and the size of an hydrogen molecule is much smaller than the big C-atom found in fossile fules!
So, a tank of hydrogen contains much more energy then a tank filled with fossile fules! This is also the reason why Nasa uses hydrogen in their rockets. Hydrogen is light and efficient!
Soon we may even find hydrogen in laptop battery's

So how can the hydrogeneconomy really take off?
-First the Shell's and BP's must create a big network of hydrogen fuellingstations around the world.
-Meanwhile producers (like Boeing, GM, VW, etc.) must build vehicles that run on hydrogen (hydrogen cars, hydrogen busses, hydrogen boats, hydrogen planes etc.)
-The government (of all countries!) must subsidize the production and use of these hydrogencars, or make laws that prohibit making 'old-fashioned' fossile-fueled cars.
So if a consumer wants to buy a car, he can only choose for a hydrogen car, (or electric car)

In the beginning we can keep creating hydrogen from fossile fules, like coals, oil, gas etc.
On the other hand we need to start producing hydrogen with windpower, solarpower, waterpower, tidal power, geothermal sources etc.

Then, within 10-15 years, 80% of all the cars will run on electricity or hydrogen.


What is your idea about hydrogen and the hydrogen economy?