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About: Nano-Tsunami: MNT, Nanotechnologie, NanoTech, ZettaTech
« on: January 20, 2004, 10:33:34 AM »

Our mission is to ensure that every web user has access to the NanoTechnology news items, regardless of the origin of the Nano news item i.e. scientific / researched based or from the mainstream media.

We have accomplish this through our free, online NanoTech News Portal. a quick and easy "over view " of nanotech  news, allowing the reader to click on, then click through to the original 3rd party news items.

We insist that the quality of this service rivals that of similar fee-based services, delivering quality NanoTech news to all members of the public through the efficient use of technology. 

The headline news which appear are taken directly from each of their respective sites. All headline news items are covered by the original publishers copyright, unless otherwise stated. Nano-Tsunami claim's in no way shape or form any copyright to any material & and or photos published on this site unless listed as copyrighted nano-tsunami material . 

This site is designed to present up-to-date headline news on nanotechnology from the following areas: 
major research centers, 
funding agencies,
major reports. 
nanotech companies
government research
private research

Each headline will be carefully reviewed and selected. This site is expected to grow with your continued support and updates from news services organizations and individuals working in this field.
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Do you have something to say in Dutch about MNT or NanoTech ?
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2004, 10:39:00 AM »
Do you have something to say about MNT or NanoTech ?
Would you like to have it your news, views or feelings published ?..... then read on !

Due to the increasing success of our site we are now actively looking for even more news, views and remarks, from inside or outside of this fascinating new world.

So, you are now invited to send us your good, and bad news, plus any remarks and feelings YOU have about anything MNT, NanoTech ( or dare I say it )  even ZettaTech.   

( subject to our approval and not containing nasty things for example like '" raciest remarks "and " truly bad language " )

We will be assigned your very own column  This column will be credited only too you ! ( so don't forget to send that passport photo ). Hopefully you ( and your news)  will come from many different counties from all around the globe, and you will be able to send us a ( small ) column of work every one or two weeks.

Stage One : ( now )
Send us your contributions in English or  Dutch ( as we are Dutch based ). we are also looking to expand this our european languages as part of a new sister web site
Stage Two: ( in 6 months )

We are also looking to expand our new sister web site We will then increase our news & your views language base to include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russia and Nordic languages.

So are you feeling the wave? Then this is your chance to get writing. Send us your documents as a word .doc file format  to

Its first come first serviced, as the is only seven days in the week we will only be able to publish the first seven approved contributors work, per week, with each day of the week offering a different columnist.
This offer is open to everyone the young, the old, layman and woman, students, and professionals alike.

Please note: This is not an offer of work, your contribution will be viewed by all interested parties via the Internet.  
This is a totally free service and as a contributor you will not be paid in any way, shape, or form.  

All we have to offer you is a Nano Amount of fame  ):-

Legal Notice: All material published will be subject to prior approve by the Editor of Nano and may be withdrawn at any time with prior written notice or reason.  

All Copyrights ( unless otherwise stated ) remain the sole reasonability of the original owner.