Botsing aarde met astroïde MN4 ??

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Botsing aarde met astroïde MN4 ??
« on: September 27, 2005, 09:51:06 PM »
De ESA is van plan een astroide genaamd MN4 uit zijn koers te gaan stoten.  Ondanks dat berekeningen een minimale kans genereede wilde men geen risico nemen.

Desondanks was ESA genoeg onder de indruk op het Don Quijote astroïde-afweersysteem op te starten. ESA wil hiemee proberen om de baan van een astroïde (2002 AT4 of 10302 1989 ML) te veranderen. Welke van deze twee het wordt, zal in 2007 bepaald worden.

The Don Quijote mission will send two probes to rendevous with an asteroid threat.

This isn't the first such rendezvous with a fast-moving space rock. In July 2005, a NASA probe collided with comet Tempel 1 to get a better look at what it's made of.

One probe, Hidalgo, will crash into the asteroid while the other, Sancho, will orbit the rock for several months to monitor any changes.

Experts first narrowed the field of test asteroids in February 2005. They dismiss worries that the test could cause problems for Earth, saying the probe should make only a slight deviation in the asteroid's orbit.

Scientists classify asteroids according to their orbital path. Ones that cross Mars' orbit but do not cross Earth's orbit are called Amors. Apollo asteroids cross Earth's orbit and may pose a threat. Aten asteroids travel mostly inside Earth's orbit but cross it before disappearing back into the glare of the Sun. See the ESA Web site for more information on the Don Quijote project.

bron = CNet news